The 2021-2023 Dodge Durango is being recalled for a rear spoiler that can scrape the roof when the tailgate is opened, increasing the likelihood that it can detach entirely from the SUV and create a road hazard, the NHSTA disclosed Monday. 

The roof spoiler on certain Dodge Durango SUVs may have been installed “over-flush” to the roof, so when the tailgate opens, the spoiler can hit the roof. Over time, with the tailgate cycling opened and closed repeatedly, the spoiler can loosen and eventually detach from the roof. A spoiler that detaches while in motion can cause a hazard to other drivers and road users, hence necessitating a recall.

The recall encompasses 139,019 Durangos over the three model years, including 2023, which will mark the last year of current Durango production. For its final year of this generation Durango, the 2023 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat returns with a…

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