Destination charges on a new car are one of life’s pain points. Like mowing the lawn, vacuuming, or pulling hair out of the drain, the costs associated with shipping a car from the factory are unavoidable—the bill comes due whether you like it or not. 

But some automakers charge more than others. Why?

The added cost for destination and freight is figured by each automaker, averaged among the fleet of cars. It’s the same cost if you live across the street from Acura’s factory in Marysville, Ohio, as it is if you live in Mendocino, California. Automakers and dealers both declined to discuss destination charges for this story. 

According to automakers, the cost of delivery rises with fuel and shipping costs, and destination fees do not build in profit. 

Using that logic, an automaker that sells few cars that are shipped great distances would be higher. That checks…

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