The Toyota Corolla has historically flaunted its frugal credentials. In a sign of changing times, the new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is angling for a lot more eco cred.

For the first time, it packs something very noteworthy: Toyota’s hybrid system, and mileage that’s surprisingly close to the Prius.

Toyota claims that the Corolla Hybrid’s EPA ratings will include at least 50 mpg combined—which will put its fuel economy in line with the all-wheel-drive Prius (AWD-e) that Toyota also showed Wednesday at the LA Auto Show.

The Corolla Hybrid, like the Corolla, has some intriguing new proportions—possibly a bit more ‘cab forward’ than the outgoing model, and reveling more in the fine details—and is built on the automaker’s new TNGA platform.

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Here, the Hybrid system makes 121 horsepower combined,…

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